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Brentwood, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Heart & Soul Coaching Heart & Soul Coaching

I am a certified ADHD and relationship coach. I have ADHD myself and I am a parent to two neurodivergent children so along with my professional qualifications, I also have a wealth of personal experience of ADHD.

I work with people in all aspects of their lives to help them create strategies and tools to help with executive functioning, time management, organisational challenges as well as working on ways to be more connected in their relationships with others. I also offer ADHD coaching to parents. Both to non ADHD parents as well as to ADHD parents because their challenges will be different.

I speak at events to help raise awareness around ADHD and I am always looking for people to collaborate with.

I offer a free coaching call (bookable via my website) for you to talk to me about the challenges you’re facing and the goals you want to achieve. You will also have the opportunity to decide if you and I are a good fit and you want to work with me.

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